Applying Stucco Exterior Walls Properly

Although you certainly do have a lot of different options whenever it comes to the exterior finish of your home, stucco walls are among some of the most popular varieties that are available. When you use this material, you're not only able to cover a lot of the imperfections that may exist in the wall but you can actually create a decorative finish that is quite attractive. Stucco exterior walls are also very durable, which is important for certain areas of the world which may expose these areas to a hotter climate. Here is some information about stucco walls and how you can use this type of material for yourself.

One of the main reasons why people choose stucco exterior walls is because they are able to cover a number of different imperfections that are in the construction. At times, they are used for repairing existing walls that may be made of material such as block and have been exposed for quite some time. By putting these stucco finishes over top of these walls, you create something that is fresh and new looking. It also helps to give a Spanish look to these walls, which is something that is very appealing to many individuals.

In reality, stucco walls are really nothing more than cement walls which are mixed a little differently. The basic recipe for stucco is Portland cement, sand and water. At one time, lime was used but many people tend to favor a more synthetic blend than the traditional blend as it does seem to last longer. It is applied in two different coats, a lower layer which is used in order to level and even the entire finish and an upper layer, which is thinner and is where the design is created.

If you think that it is going to be simple for you to simply slap a little bit of stucco on the wall and have a nice looking wall, you should give it a little bit more thought. Applying exterior stucco properly is something that many people have made a career out of, and it does take some practice. A little bit of practice, however, can help you to get some of the easier patterns down and as long as you have somebody that is helping you mix the stucco as you are applying it, you should not have too much difficulty in getting it to look fantastic. Just make sure that you are comfortable with it before you begin applying it to any areas that are going to be highly visible.

As long as there is an appeal for Spanish looking housing, stucco walls are going to be popular. Stucco exterior walls are also an excellent choice for areas that tend to get a lot of sunlight, or perhaps are subject to certain natural forces, such as hurricanes. They are able to stand up to the test of time, and they have a unique look that is able to not only make them attractive, but it makes them very strong.